The enthusiastic response to our film,

"In Our Right Mind," has been immensely gratifying—affirming the power of narrative and the hunger in our communities for information around health and health disparities. 


The current pandemic has brought home a sense of urgency on these issues. Going forward, our mission is to use the power of narrative and this film to educate and bring awareness to the issue of dementia in our communities.



Latest News...

Latest Alzheimer’s News compiled by Science Writer and Educator, Carolyn Usrey with Dora Chenault (Mom) at the Premiere Screening of "In Our Right Mind."  (October 2019)

Living Strong
Hosted by Dr. Veirdre Jackson

The Flip Side of Adversity is Faith 
(January 13, 2022 episode)

Guest: Renée Chenault Fattah

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Wolf Administration Launches Pennsylvania’s Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force

Renée Chenault Fattah will chair Pennsylvania’s Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force.

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Please visit: for more information on

resources and help for older Pennsylvanians.

May 19, 2022

Renée Chenault Fattah, Keynote Speaker at Johns Hopkins

Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Master’s Commencement.

"The Power of Narrative"

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