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23) #BlackHistoryMonth Ernestine Joliet and Verna Jones Rodwell

You can not go into Baltimore’s African American community and talk about Alzheimer’s and not hear about the Jones family. During This Black History Month we celebrate sisters Ernestine Joliet and Verna Jones Rodwell, Founders of the Pythias A.and Virginia Jones African American Community Forum on memory loss. Ernestine Jones Jolivet, Verna Jones Rodwell and their siblings have done so much for so long to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s and the challenges facing caregivers. Both their parents at different times were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. Now in its 20th year, what grew from an idea and a small group is now upwards of 500 attendees and experts from all over. The event highlights established partnerships with the Alzheimer’s  Association, Johns Hopkins and Coppin State. The sisters give credit to their siblings, two of whom are deceased, for supporting this family effort. And Ernestine is insistent on giving Verna credit for all the work she did as a State Senator and in the Maryland House of Delegates to enact important legislation. Verna is modest about her contributions but adamant about her concerns on how this disease has a disparate impact on women. The sisters are their work is featured in our film, In Our Right Mind.


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