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27) #BlackHistoryMonth Roy Hamilton

Roy Hamilton, MD, MS, FAAN, FANA is a neurologist and practicing clinician at Penn Memory Center, an associate professor in the Departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Director Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation (LCNS) and the Brain Science, Translation, Innovation and Modulation Center (brainSTIM). Dr. Hamilton’s focus is on the characteristics and limits of functional neuroplasticity in the adult human brain. He investigates how the brain reorganizes itself in response to injury, and whether or not it is possible to enhance the brain’s potential for reorganization in order to speed rehabilitation using noninvasive electrical or magnetic brain stimulation. A second area of interest for Dr. Hamilton is the use of noninvasive brain stimulation to enhance mechanisms of cognition in healthy individuals, and the biological, social, and ethical implications of neural enhancement.


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