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28) #BlackHistoryMonth Kenneth Frazier

During Black History Month we celebrate  Kenneth Frazier executive chairman,former CEO of the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. and attorney. Ken Frazier comes to the issue of Alzheimer’s through personal experience. His father had the disease.When I started my documentary In Our Right Mind, I reached out to Ken for advice and he was always supportive. More importantly the contributions  he and his wife Andrea made to establishThe Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention is visionary in recognizing the stroke-vascular dementia connection which disproportionately impacts people of color. The Frazier Stroke initiative is a collaboration between Jefferson Health and Temple Health. The center’s focus is to promote the health of the community aimed at reducing the number of strokes-the fourth-highest cause of death in Philadelphia Their initiatives focus specifically on the neighborhoods surrounding 18th and York streets, sometimes referred to as Allegheny West, which ranked nearly last among Philadelphia neighborhoods for health outcomes.


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